The 4 pillars of easy aquascaping

We believe in making things simple, here are our guiding principles for creating and maintaining easy aquascapes
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  • Easy CO2

    No expensive complex CO2 systems. Siesta lighting to maximise natural CO2 and allow you to enjoy your aquarium more.

  • Easy fertilisation

    No complicated dosing regimes, just regular, generous dosing of a single product. 50% water changes each week to reset.

  • Easy plants

    Focus on easy-to-grow plants with a variety of sizes, colours and textures that don't require lots of maintenance.

  • Easy layouts

    Avoid the overly-technical science of traditional aquascaping and focus on easy to set-up naturally beautiful layouts.

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Founder and Easy Aquascaper

ScapeEasy was formed by Matt, based in Lancaster, NW England. The aim was to bring aquascaping to the masses by promoting simplistic ways to transform the home aquarium and tips for growing aquatic plants. Read More...